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Thursday Sept. 21, 2023
Theater #11

6:45pm - 8:00pm

Fantastic Female Films #1



Logline: Chapters follows the mind of a woman writer as she seeks comfort through memories of a past muse; her consciousness quickly catches up to her dangerous environment and the reality of her most current relationship.



Logline: An exploration of the history and modern day importance of postcards.



Logline: 17 year old Isabel dreams of moving to Los Angeles to make music, but her plans for the future change when she finds out she’s pregnant. Without the support of her friends and family, she searches for guidance in all the wrong places and must ask herself: are some people meant to be ordinary?

Holy Virginia!


Logline: Virginia is a latina catholic almost virgin who turns into a savage player after two men marked her.

Take Good Care


Logline: In a world where older people are expected to quietly die at 65, a single-minded scientist, desperate for more time, needs her long-neglected artist daughter to take good care--of her. A deeply personal short film about aging, ambition, family, and love.

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Feature Film + Q&A with Melora Hardin

Golden Vanity


Logline: Hollywood, 1967 - After an unhinged stage crash at an awards show, faded movie star Mabel Montgomery-Mayflower (Melora Hardin) barricades herself in her mansion to record her life story, before it's too late.

10:00pm - 11:15pm

Comedy Kicks #5



Logline: A mysterious package arrives at Paul and Terri's door. What it contains could either save or end their passionless marriage.

Group with Dr. Miracle


Logline: Dr. Miracle, a cantankerous psychologist, holds group therapy sessions every week, but only one person ever shows up: Quinn, a needy woman he can't stand. However, a woman named Blaise unexpectedly decides to join the fold, catapulting the session into chaos.

Chasing Times


Logline: When a cyclist/vlogger nearly collides with a dude in his Porsche as they both run the same stop sign, the car chases the bike and forces a confrontation which makes the driver's 11 year-old daughter late for her soccer game and the cyclist bereft of a personal record.

The King is Dead


Logline: When the King is found dead, his family members each begin to make plans to take the throne for themselves despite all being incompetent.

Priority Boarding

Logline: Ultra-woke Gamma Airlines fumbles repeatedly as it gives priority boarding status to historically marginalized groups – passengers with disabilities, women seeking abortions, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ passengers, even women named "Karen.”

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