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10:00am - 11:30am

Fabulous Foreign Films #2

Sunday Sept. 24, 2023
Theater #11



Logline: Koichi, a 9 to 5 salaryman, just retired from his work at 65 years of age. He is lost and unsure of how to spend his remaining life time. But then a distressing call from his sister about the father's sudden death changes everything.



Logline: Based on a true story, a young soldier suspects a man on an Israeli bus of being a suicide bomber. She must now choose between the other passengers’ lives and a potentially innocent man, with the world watching via live-streams.

English Tutor

Logline: A Korean university student takes on an unusual tutoring job and encounters a young child who refuses to write in English. As the tutor attempts to get to the root of the child's reluctance, she uncovers a shocking revelation about the child and her mother.



Logline: After two ISIS attacks eerily resemble passages from his latest book, a TV writer finds himself under thin ice when he realizes that the new TV show he’s been approached to develop by a mysterious Turkish production company might be used as a blueprint for the terrorist group’s new attack.

Just This

Just this Poster.jpg

Logline: Achinoam arrives at a meditation center with lots of self-hatred and doubt feeling too tall for life. Through an encounter with a women that is a cancer patient she allows herself to grow and stand tall in her own life. A meditative film that shares a life perspective through an emotional journey.

11:30am - 1:30pm

College Students Films #2

Fire Born


Logline: Ruby, who lost her mother at birth to gun-violence, works as a rookie cop in LA. Drawing her gun to stop a robbery, she finds herself in the same situation as when she was born.

The Weight Of It All

Logline: The mental state of a collegiate soccer star begins to deteriorate as she pushes herself to unhealthy limits to meet high expectations within her competitive environment.

Dinner at the End of the World

Logline: A Ukrainian Jewish family eats their last dinner at the end of the world.


Logline: A dying photographer must choose one picture to be remembered for.



Logline: The true story of a young collegiate woman who tried to find justice for three years for her shelved rape kit—only to become the key witness in the Senate hearing to end the rape kit backlog. Can she trust the system that betrayed her?



Logline: After losing her mom to a terminal illness, six-year-old Zoe is about to be sent to live with a father she’s never met.

i just feel like i have to be sorry


Logline: Callum (8) is a shy, but not docile, scrawny California kid who’s youthful spirit is cooped up in the heat of summer, working with his father at the family corner store. Callum is filled with a deep urgency to grow up and discover himself inside of a world disturbed by glimpses of adult secrets. be.

Short Drive


Logline: A man with nothing left to live for, finds hope after speaking to a stranger, only to find out the stranger isn't who she appears to be.

1:30pm - 4:00pm

Feature + Q&A Director Michael Budd

Ruby's Choice

_Ruby's Choice_.jpeg

Logline: Ruby’s Choice is a poignant tale that follows three generations of strong Australian women. Bonded by shared moments of wisdom and joy, secrets from the past are revealed. As Ruby’s illness threatens to push them apart, the family must make a big decision.

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