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Friday Sept. 22, 2023
Theater #5

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Nothing But Drama #1



Logline: A husband struggles with his mentally ill spouse, while their young son's future hangs in the balance.

Learning Not To Drown


Logline: After waking up and finding his wife and baby missing, a worried husband (Charlie) seeks help from community members. As Charlie is searching for his wife and the baby his mysterious dark past will unwrap.


Logline: We are obsessed with instant fixes to all of our problems. And the more we look to our phones to solve our every fleeting need, the less we are satiated. Whether we’re hungry, lonely, bored… whether we’re looking for validation, meaning, or love. Starving is a film about the mental health impact of the increasing isolation we all feel as our lives speed up.



Logline: A young woman works with a digital copy of her mom to investigate the sudden disappearance of her real mom.

Rabbit Hole


Logline: Entering cautiously into adulthood, a shy eighteen-year-old attempts to balance “coming out” of his shell with an erratic home life and an unhinged QAnon mother. A timely and poignant short film with a unique twist on the queer coming-of-age story.



Logline: Separate is a post-apocalyptic survival story. When the Supreme Court rolls back marriage equality and orders couples’ lawful children to be taken and placed with “traditional” families, a daughter and dad flee their home, dodging citizen bounty-hunters, to find refuge in a gay-ballroom safe-house across the border.

8:30pm - 9:30pm

Nothing But Drama #2

My Over There


Logline: Starring Emmy winning actor Penny Fuller, this short film is about Lenore McDowell, a veteran of WWI. Lenore, an Army Nurse, reveals a dramatic and deeply personal part of her life during her time “over there” that she has never shared before.
Inspired by a true story.



Logline: A ballet dancer struggles to cope with the realities of her new life after one night goes terribly wrong.



Logline: Lucy’s Last Song is the story of a woman reconnecting with her estranged father after many years apart. As the night unfolds their wounds are exposed and dirty laundry aired. However, family bonds are strong, perhaps strong enough to weather the storm of life. A mix of drama and the supernatural set to an original music soundtrack, Lucy’s Last Song.

9:30pm - 10:30pm

Nothing But Drama #3



Logline: With his wedding to Carlos approaching, Tony, a young immigrant to the US, invites his conservative elder sister to the ceremony — a fateful decision that forces Tony to choose between his family and his happiness.



Logline: On the outside, they’re a perfect family: homeowners, educated, philanthropists, loved by their community. When you peel back the layers of secrecies, however, you find the unexpected—a dark web of confusion, uncertainty, suicidal tendencies, mistrust, and lies.



Logline: Inspired by a true story, a 19-year-old young man's lung spontaneously collapses. We see him physically and mentally struggle throughout his physical healing process and his mental perspective of the situation during a global pandemic.

Some Days


Logline: Some days are good, but once a young woman's freedom is taken from her, some days aren't so good...for some.

10:30pm - 11:30pm

Nothing But Drama #4



Logline: When Elena and Cameron are ripped apart by an act of racism, both must stand up for what they believe to keep the door of love open.



Logline: A young woman suffers a miscarriage and is accused of what is now considered a crime in this not-too-distant dystopian future. Forced into a community whose ideals are deeply divided, a violent fight erupts as accusations and intolerance grow.



Logline: Ivy, a neurotic artist, struggles to get past the grief of a previous relationship. Unable to get closure, she opens her home to the man she still loves and her new partner. Ivy fears whether to share the burden of her suffering, and will have to rely on her art and imagination to heal her trauma.

No Time Off For Good Behavior


Logline: On the day a young black mother will be sent away, she must entrust her infant daughter to the care of her own disapproving mother. Both women struggle to find some small measure of connection at this terrible moment of forced parting.

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