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Thursday Sept. 21, 2023
Theater #5

7:00pm - 8:30pm Opening Night

Comedy Kicks #1

Who's Watching Who?


Logline: A boy must play a therapist for his uncle who is forced to watch him for the weekend.

The Avon Lady


Logline: A hilarious film inspired by a true story. An immigrant named Rosa has decided to face her fears of speaking English and become an Avon Lady. However, she's a fantastic failure until she meets an eccentric customer who shows her she'll need more than English to make that sale.



Logline: At the Chrystal Hotel, Kenneth tries his best to present the finest qualities of serving in Elms Lounge. But unfortunately, with his manager Vicki going off the rails, what was supposed to be a standard opening shift, leads to chaos for the servers when the bar's little secret is exposed.

Santa, Maybe?


Logline: A young girl is forced to face her fear when she encounters Santa Claus in the most unlikely of places.

Bonus Time


Logline: A stubborn and self-centered Latino cancer survivor returns home with a second lease on life, determined to make amends with the people he’s wronged - whether they like it or not - all in hopes that the good karma will keep him cancer free.

The Self


Logline: The Self, is a story about a day in the life of a competitive video game tournament. In a grimey, sweaty house we find our hero locked in heated battle with the voices in his head and with a controller in his hand. The Self is a story about what it means to compete and win. And more importantly what it means to lose. Based on a real lived experience, our film tells the story of how we attempt to find meaning, even in something as silly as a local video game tournament.



Logline: When Chad and Rachel go on their second date, he refuses to put on his seatbelt because he did his own research.

8:30pm - 9:30pm

Comedy Kicks #2

Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad

Photo 7 Cheerios_Poster.jpg

Logline: An advertising team brainstorms a way to make the world's most inclusive commercial.

The Dick Rossi Show

Dick Rossi poster.png

Logline: Dick Rossi is a late night talk show host who did everything Johnny Carson and David Letterman did and did it worse. Dick, sidekick Tad Manchester and bandleader Spats Henderson would be hash tagged out of the business today, had they been remotely good enough to last this long.

No Witnesses


Logline: A hitman's night goes off the rails when a few unlucky people witness him on the job.

Ron The Reindeer


Logline: “Ron The Reindeer - Another Christmas Story” is a short film about a young college student who recently decided to take on the job of a stripper. This decision eventually leads him to one evening he never could have expected. While performing for a lonely, divorced woman, her ex-husband suddenly appears in the house together with their two kids. He gets caught up in the middle of a family drama and ends up being there for the two children that haven’t had a normal Christmas in years.

Planted Evidence


Logline: An interrogation regarding a deadly crime.

Hostile Territory

Hostile Territory poster1.jpg

Logline: 3 different perspectives lead to hostile interaction between westward companions.

9:30pm - 10:30pm

Comedy Kicks #3

The Sperm Bank

SPERM BANK (Micheal change Poster size).jpg

Logline: Newly diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer, 23-year-old Rob must now take the first big step…masturbate into a cup to protect a future he isn’t sure exists.

Living With A Cereal Killer


Logline: Just because two people may live together doesn’t mean they live the same lives. When thriving Beth finds out her boyfriend Ryan has been let go from yet another job and sees him making no effort to find a new one, she decides that it’s time to have a serious discussion concerning the status of their relationship. The question is; can this couple even get through breakfast before it all falls apart?

Ovulation Day


Logline: When best day for baby making is on the worst day for love making.

Good Vibrations


Logline: Julia is trying to date again after two years of COVID lock down, however, everyone she seems to find is extremely awkward - or is she just as awkward as everyone else?


Logline: A thief is stalked by a car yard mascot after stealing one of its vehicles.

Hollywood Post 43's Last Stand

Logline: When American Legion's Hollywood Post 43 comes under zombie attack, it's the Auxiliary to the rescue.

10:30pm - 11:30pm

Comedy Kicks #4


Poster bd0e42aecc-poster.jpg

Logline: Newest pharma commercial for the drug to defeat the common cold! The side effects are a bit....alarming though.

CHICO & RICO: Animal Avengers


Logline: A proof of concept for an action/comedy series about two Latino cowboys that rescue animals from abusive situations.
Featuring stylized, dynamic martial arts action and quirky comedy, it also takes an introspective look at humans' relationship to the animal kingdom.

Journalism 101


Logline: A disgraced former news anchor is hired to teach at a local university where he becomes the unwilling inspiration to a group of unusual journalism students.

Carol & Janet

Carol&Janet poster copy 2 (1).png

Logline: Carol and Janet's shared boyfriend leaves each of them a piece of himself as a token of gratitude.



Logline: William, an ethnically-mixed gay professional, sequesters himself in a secluded owl-themed cottage for the weekend in order to write a personal statement. However, various people in his life keep interrupting by phone, roping him into their dilemmas. William code-switches to talk to his corporate boss, his cousin from the block, and his live-in boyfriend. As the phone calls (and procrastination) intensify, William retreats into a mushroom trip, which causes his code-switching to dissolve into a wild identity mashup. Sometimes, in order to find ourselves, we need to get more lost.

The Foodie

The Foodie poster.jpg

Logline: Foodies ruin everything - especially when one of them goes on a first date.

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