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Wednesday Sept. 25th, 2024
Theater #11

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Comedy Kicks #5 + Q&A

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Poster.jpg

Logline: A never before seen insight into the world's most famous couple's final moments together.

Cheat Meal

Cheat Meal Poster.jpg

Logline: Suspicious that his girlfriend is cheating on him with her new personal trainer, Owen decides to take matters into his own hands. What he discovers is far more difficult to digest.


OCD Poster.jpg

Logline: A neurotic delivery driver named Owen battles his OCD at a local convenience store while his TikToker girlfriend plans an exposure therapy dinner date at home. But when she helps him resist his compulsion, it subsequently triggers the apocalypse.

Secret Menu Beauty Pageant

Secret Menu Beauty Pageant Poster.jpg

Logline: An offbeat odyssey into the world of dead shopping malls, fast food secret menus, and basement beauty pageants.

Immigration Degradation


Logline: An immigration officer is suspicious of a newlywed couple.

Yvonne Speaks

YvonneSpeaks Theatrical Poster.jpg

Logline: When Yvonne, a voice-over artist with extreme social anxiety and an affinity for accents, has to make a great first impression at her husband, Jim's, company party for his much-anticipated promotion, her talents and his nerves are put to the ultimate, hilarious test.


Copy of GUACPOSTER_Official_v4.jpg

Logline: At a meet-the-parents-dinner, a man goes to outrageous lengths to save his prized guacamole from browning while his girlfriend processes the shocking revelation that her "dead" family dog is still alive.

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Feature Film + Q&A

Tim Travers & the Time Travelers Paradox

Tim Travers & the Time Travelers Paradox Poster.jpg

Logline: It is called the Time Travelers Paradox, in which a scientist creates a Time Machine and kills their younger self. So now a man who should not - cannot - exist, somehow does. That is the Paradox, and Paradoxes are impossible. And the man who has created it is Tim Travers, a reclusive mad scientist whose stated mission in life is to stand alone with God at the end of time, and tell the bastard off.

10:00pm - 11:15pm

Comedy Kicks #6 + Q&A

Game Night

Logline: A budding young couple's relationship gets put to the test during a game night amongst close friends.

Style Rivals

Style Rivals Posters.jpg

Logline: Two fighters settle their beef with a style challenge.

Bitter Brownies

Bitter Brownies Poster.jpg

Logline: In this dark comedy, a devious thief pilfers lunches from the company refrigerator. Staff employees are out for blood. Where will the food bandit strike next?!!!

Camping in Paradise

Camping in Paradise Poster.jpg

Logline: A philosopher and his girlfriend involuntarily must spend a night at a nudist campsite, which is far beyond their comfort zone. At the campsite they meet a friendly couple, and this reveals underlying conflicts and creates tension in their relationship.

schedule subject to change

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