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Thursday Sept. 26th, 2024
Theater #5

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Nothing But Drama #1 + Q&A

Sunrise Boulevard

Sunrise Boulevard Poster.jpg

Logline: 1955. An in-crisis famous actress enrolls in a Clinic that helps artists to find inspiration through a pioneering sorrow therapy. The therapy doesn't work with her. The other artists start to take inspiration from her sunny presence.

The Miracle of You

The Miracle of You Poster.jpg

Logline: A man takes us on his meditation journey towards inner-peace and harmony, showing that in these enlightened times one can achieve self-forgiveness for just about anything.



Logline: N/A

A Family Business

A Family Business.jpg

Logline: When Brendan turns 18 he reaches out to his biological father for the first time with hopes of joining the family business: The Mob.

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Nothing But Drama #2 + Q&A

Don't Pause the Game

Don't Pause the Game Poster.jpg

Logline: Two friends have disparate reactions when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. Their argument comes to a head when the life expectancy of the illness is revealed.


DISPLACED Poster.jpg

Logline: Inspired by true events, DISPLACED follows Tina, a privileged woman, volunteering to help undocumented immigrants with their court appearances. She attempts to humanize them in the eyes of the Judge. But each asylum case is more horrifying than the last. 


Tacenda Poster.jpg

Logline: When his best friend, Dillion, has to move across the country, Noah must come to terms with the poignant reality that 'what could have been' is a chapter that may be forever closed.

First Of Seven

First of Seven (2).png

Logline: A Mother's death from COVID-19 forces her three dysfunctional sons to sit shiva virtually.

Wandering Room

Wandering Room Poster.jpg

Logline: N/A

The Hit

The Hit Poster.jpg

Logline: A marriage takes a murderous turn when a husband's plan to eliminate his mistress unravels, leading to a deadly game of betrayal and revenge.

8:30pm - 9:30pm

Nothing But Drama #3 + Q&A

A Plus

A Plus Poster.jpg

Logline: Under immense pressure from family expectations and academic rigor, a first-gen Chinese American student faces a moral dilemma in a pivotal college exam.

You're Mine

You're Mine Poster 1.png

Logline: The story of a failing relationship between a young man and woman intertwines with the story of an emotionally spiraling friend group, resulting in a series of intense and frenetic events.


Isolate Poster.jpg

Logline: A woman confined to a wheelchair, unable to communicate. She's alive inside, dead on the outside, watch her struggle.


Yuri Poster.jpg

Logline: A colossal, yet timid black Russian weightlifter afraid to offend anyone, befriends a Japanese shut-in and helps declutter her life. In the process, he learns Ikebana, the art of flower arranging, and comes to understand his unique place in the world.

9:30pm - 10:30pm

Nothing But Drama #4 + Q&A

The Big Book

The Big Book Poster.jpg

Logline: Darwin works as a fraud surveillance investigator; spying on those with workers' comp claims to see if they are faking their injury or not. When he’s not working (and sometimes while on the job) he sponsors young men in Alcoholics Anonymous. His strict code of conduct gets thrown for a loop when his next surveillance target is his own AA sponsor.


Fractal Poster.jpg

Logline: A Deaf boy calls upon a mysterious creature to find solace from tragedy.

Her Unseen

Her Unseen Poster.jpg

Logline: After the death of her mother, a young woman must balance the expectations of her home life with her new role as a superhero, while being endlessly compared to her male counterpart.

10:30pm - 11:30pm

Nothing But Drama #5 + Q&A


Logline: An abandoned doll and a scarecrow scared of crows form an unlikely bond when they work together to overcome their fears and heal their mutual pain.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Poster.jpg

Logline: Two brothers in the middle of an argument get trapped in a mysterious elevator that reveals to them blood has nothing to do with family.

Methadone Mile


Logline: Missy (Justina Valentine) a recovering drug addict balances her dysfunctional family intertwines with the collateral damage of the Boston's "Methadone Mile"" - A homeless safe haven for drug addicts, where three methadone clinics, the Boston County Jail, and two homeless shelters encompass a three block radius in the heart of Boston.

schedule subject to change

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