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Saturday Sept. 28th, 2024
Theater #5

10:00am - 11:30am

Fabulous Foreign Films #1 + Q&A

Conej Steps Out

Conej Steps Out Poster.jpg

Logline: Conej wants to give his girlfriend Claire the best gift in the world on their date, so he builds a rocket to take her to space; a truly unusual plan.
That is why Conej will have to work very hard to persuade Claire to accept to go with him to the moon in a great and surreal trip through the cosmos and beyond.

Ana Paula - Featurette

Ana Paula Poster.jpg

Logline: To meet the strict criteria for adoption, Ana is working at a local hotel, attending interviews at the orphanage, and trying to save money for an apartment. When a judge explains her case cannot proceed for lack of a ‘suitable home’, Ana employs desperate measures to find the necessary cash.

The Girl with Flaxen Hair

The Girl with Flaxen Hair Poster.jpg

Logline: When a reclusive artist receives a visit from her younger sister, she is confronted by past traumas and must decide whether she is ready to take the next step in her recovery.

11:30am - 1:00pm

Dynamic Documentary Films #1 + Q&A

Invisibles México

Invisibles México Poster.jpg

Logline: Rosa Elena González, an expert on issues related to street life, tells us about the tragic and cruel reality of homelessness in Mexico

Razón de Ser: Luis C. Garza

Razón de Ser Luis C. Garza Poster.jpg

Logline: "Razón de Ser: Luis C. Garza" is a documentary that chronicles the story of this rare Chicano photographer who uniquely documented activist movements on both coasts, and internationally, during the 1960s and 1970s.

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Dynamic Documentary Films #2 + Q&A

Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss Poster.jpg

Logline: In the heart-wrenching documentary, "Grief and Loss: A Story of Hope Rediscovered," journey with a resilient couple as they recount the tragic loss of their 2-year-old boy to a drowning accident. Through raw and intimate moments, they share their struggle with indescribable pain, the torturous process of grief, and how faith plays a profound role in their healing. Witness their inspiring path as they find hope amidst the heartbreak and redefine the meaning of life and love. This video offers a rare glimpse into the depths of human emotions, the complexities of grief, and the power of hope and faith.

To Myself With Love: The Bessie Stringfield Story

Logline: This is the first film about Black motorcycle trailblazer, Bessie Stringfield. Stringfield was the first Black woman to ride a motorcycle across the United States. She accomplished this in 1930 at the age of 19 during the Jim Crow era. The short documentary includes never before seen or heard materials about Stringfield. Interviews with people that knew Bessie shed light on her extraordinary life. The 300 women of the Bessie Stringfield All-Female Ride show Stringfield's impact today 30 years after her passing.

To Myself With Love The Bessie Stringfield Story Poster.jpg

The HoodTrophy Bino Story: Breaking the Generational Curse

The HoodTrophy Bino Story Breaking the Generational Curse Poster.jpg

Logline: Dive into the captivating narrative of HoodTrophy Bino - a California hip-hop artist from the projects of South Central and Palmdale, discovered by Soulja Boy in jail, and destined to overcome the generational curse of poverty and incarceration plaguing all of the males in his immediate and extended family. Bino opens up about the trials and triumphs that shaped his life - offering insights into the challenges of growing up in a tough environment. From overcoming adversity to pursuing his dreams, Bino shares poignant stories that resonate with authenticity and resilience. 

2:30pm - 5:00pm

Dynamic Documentary Films #3 + Q&A

Bonnie Brae & 6th, Los Angeles

Bonnie Brae & 6th, Los Angeles Poster.jpg

Logline: Bonnie Brae & 6th, Los Angeles explores the intersection of kinship, culinary tradition, and belonging in a portrait of a Guatemalan-specific street vending community. Street vending plays a major role in the cultural identity and history of Los Angeles, where the ubiquitous rainbow umbrellas and tamale carts are seen, heard, and smelled all over the city. On the corner of Bonnie Brae and 6th Street, near MacArthur Park, endless varieties of homemade traditional cuisine are sold day and night to this largely Guatemalan-dominant corridor of the city. 

Burton Rocks Calling

Burton Rocks Calling Poster.jpg

Logline: Burton Rocks' health left him isolated. So, he started calling some of America's biggest stars. They answered. Forty years later, Burton shares his fascinating collection of interviews for the first time.

The Opener

Logline: THE OPENER is feel-good, underdog music doc about a street-performer who decided to write 30 songs in 30 days to process his grief and isolation during the pandemic, and found that his music spoke to millions. When it reached the ears of one of his heroes, Grammy-winner Jason Mraz, he was invited on his very first tour and a chance to prove himself on the big stage.

Opener Poster.jpg

5:00pm - 7:00pm

Chills & Thrills #1 + Q&A

Beneath the Surface

Beneath The Surface Poster.jpeg

Logline: A serial killer sits in a cell plotting her escape as she reminisces on the origins of her ways, her past victims and her dead lover which she has buried under the floorboards of her home.



Logline: Our composer can't compose. Which is a problem. Fortunately for him, a package has arrived with an exotic present inside, a music box. This music box plays an enjoyable, tinkling melody, and oddly, a strange piece of grotesque art.


Vessel Poster.jpg

Logline: A young disabled girl, who is kept under strict control by her overprotective mother, sees a way out of her situation when her mysterious new aunt comes to visit.

Burn Out

Burn Out Poster.jpg

Logline: An assistant will do anything to get a presentation in front of his boss… even set himself on fire. Starring Everett Osborne (SWEETWATER) and Tommie Earl Jenkins (DEATH STRANDING). Produced by Jamie Lee Curtis and Film Independent. Filmed in the abandoned Quibi offices.



Logline: A young woman, desperate to reunite with her deceased mother, resorts to dark magic, utilizing an occult box to sacrifice her father. However, her actions inadvertently unleash a malevolent entity from the other side, plunging her into a harrowing battle against the forces she dared to disturb.


Panacea Poster.jpg

Logline: Panacea is a horror/thriller that follows Calvin, a man haunted by his past, who discovers an ethereal object that can cure him of all his pain and suffering…but at what cost? The film features an all Asian American cast and is a proof-of-concept for a feature length film.

The Tickle Monster

The Tickle Monster Poster.jpg

Logline: The film follows Max, a troubled kid who steals a book from a mystical shop. Upon reading it at home, he unwittingly unleashes The Tickle Monster, a creature bent on causing chaos, by tickling death!

I Drew You

I Drew You Poster.jpg

Logline: A social media influencer takes a commuting businessman on a subway ride of karmic revenge.

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Chills & Thrills #2 + Q&A


SEAT 23B Poster.jpg

Logline: A Ponzi-scheme mastermind must solve the mystery of his wife's disappearance on a airplane while on the run from authorities.

They're Coming Tonight

they're coming tonight poster.jpg

Logline: A man and woman must hide out in a house as a mysterious group slowly approaches, searching for them.

We Will Find YOU

We Will Find YOU Poster.jpg

Logline: A man haunted by the murder of his brother searches for the whereabouts of his killer.


Monophobia Burbank International Film Festival Poster.jpg

Logline: 25-year-old Thomas Neville suffers from monophobia, the fear of being alone, brought about by a childhood trauma. To treat his monophobia, Thomas and his psychiatrist, Dr. Ramon Medeiros, rent a home and begin exposure therapy. When a malevolent entity latches onto Thomas, Thomas must not only convince Dr. Medeiros that the entity is real but must also persuade Dr. Medeiros to help him expel the entity.


Wake Poster.jpg

Logline: With a hurricane raging outside their hospital, two nurses have one last job before evacuating: stow the "dead-on- arrival" corpse of a young girl in the downstairs morgue before the building floods. But the corpse quickly reveals itself to be more than it seems.


Cycles Poster.jpg

Logline: When a dinner with the new neighbours goes awry, an antisocial and severely co-dependent couple reignite the spark in their relationship by covering their tracks.

9:30pm - 11:30pm

Chills & Thrills #3 + Q&A

Please Be Home...

Please Be Home... Poster.jpg

Logline: A woman attempts to save a life and fix her brother's marriage as the world is coming to an end.



Logline: The cost of real estate has skyrocketed to such astronomical levels that even spirits cannot afford to linger. Enter the morally ambiguous world of freelance exorcism in Los Angeles, where Sonya Keller, the city’s top supernatural fixer, leads her team in a battle against the most powerful demon god on the west side.

Washed Up

Logline: Mike, an expectant father, has decided to leave behind his life of thievery. He is convinced by his best friend and partner in crime, Aaron, to join him on one last job, a simple robbery of a local car wash. When everything starts to go wrong, Mike is forced to make a choice between his old friend and his new life.


Caller 102: A Ballad of Cyberspace

Caller 102 A Ballad of Cyberspace Poster.jpg

Logline: When a blackhat hacker gets hit with a coincidentally-timed power surge while attempting to defraud a radio contest, he begins to unravel a web of conspiracy that threatens to bring down his life’s work and send him spiraling into oblivion.



Logline: On a getaway in the San Bernardino mountains, a beguiled young woman endures a series of strange occurrences at an isolated cabin.


Logline: A USFS Ranger goes on a search for some missing hikers and sees something he wasn’t supposed to see.

schedule subject to change

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