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Saturday Sept. 28th, 2024
Theater #11

10:00am - 11:30am

Fantastic Films by Women #1 + Q&A



Logline: When Minh, a trafficking victim escapes her captors and hides under a residential house, she is secretly drawn into the life of Amy, a mother struggling with postpartum depression. Both women feel trapped and alone. As Minh listens to the joys and tears of both Amy and her baby, she is reminded of the child she tragically lost. Ultimately, Minh comes to Amy’s aid and the women connect, finding friendship and hope.

Into the Thicket

Into the Thicket Poster.jpg

Logline: A young woman struggles with her fractured home life, failing to find common ground with her volatile yet emotionally repressed mother. Longing for a maternal figure, she continues to be haunted by visions of a mystical woman, and soon, dream intertwines with reality as she discovers a deeper connection to the mysterious lady of the woods.

Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel Poster.jpg

Logline: A rebellious teen's first day of school leads to an unexpected revelation.

The Purple Glasses

The Purple Glasses Poster.jpg

Logline: Set in the late 80's during middle school, The Purple Glasses explores the fun and new found freedom that this age brings along with the emotions of it all. Emily, a precocious young student, loses her glasses shortly after a fight with her cool-girl classmate Sara. Sara is left with a decision that brings her to a new realization. The story involves a twist of fate that brings the two middle school girls together.

172 Push-Ups

172 Push-Ups Poster_v2.jpg

Logline: A female soldier returning home to propose to her girlfriend meets a Vietnam vet who doesn’t approve of same-sex marriage. Despite these differences, they are ultimately able to form a friendship and positively influence each other. 

11:30am - 1:00pm

Fantastic Films by Women #2 + Q&A

The Fall Out

The Fall Out Poster.jpg

Logline: When a new mother's mind and body fall apart, she learns to take the first steps to recover herself.

A Question of Y

A Question of Y Poster.jpg

Logline: In a near future, enlightened men use mind-over-body control to produce only x-chromosome sperm. Problem is, Corbin's wife wants to have a baby boy. A light-hearted look into what women want. And the men who will defy laws of science to make them happy.

Dirty Towel

Dirty Towel.jpg

Logline: A teenage girl grapples with feelings of shame and guilt after having sex for the first time, leading to a thoughtful exploration of generational shame, societal expectations, and self-worth.


Unwavering Poster.jpg

Logline: Carolyn Kim joins a college student movement for Ethnic Studies in 1968. Inspired by real events.



Logline: Trapped in an ambush, a metagalactic captain fends off mysterious beings seeking to leech the human experience from her. ID EST is directed, produced, written, edited, stunt coordinated, and sound designed by women as well as having women in every department on set.

The Magic Ticket

TMT - Poster v2 (JSV).png

Logline: A homeless female veteran, Penny, is camping outside of a fancy restaurant on Christmas eve when a kind stranger donates her a gift card to go inside and get a hot meal. After struggling to get a seat, she is finally able to order dinner, but an angry patron calls the police.
When the cops try to escort Penny out, it triggers her trauma.

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Feature + Q&A

Back to Bridgewood

Back To Bridgewood.jpg

Logline: An entitled television actress loses everything causing her to find truth and purpose through an unlikely source.

3:00pm - 5:00pm

Chills & Thrills #4 + Q&A

The Secret in the Basement

The Secret in the Basement Poster.jpg

Logline: Who is truly evil? One who lacks empathy and has mastered the art of manipulation? Mother checks both of those boxes. This is a story about Jenny, a teenage girl raised and homeschooled by a psychopath. As she approaches her later teen years, Jenny begins to question her mother’s strict rules and is growing especially suspicious about what’s really going on in the basement. When her mother forces her to go beyond her comfort zone and assist in her sick torture methods, Jenny is pushed over the edge. She knows this has to end, but can she muster the courage to stop Mother?

The Ones Across the Pond


Logline: After receiving a mysterious package, Norah's quiet and relaxing night turns to one filled with fear and paranoia.

Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye Poster.jpg

Logline: Galea, a young psychology student, is driven to attend a blind date, motivated by dating insecurities formed by her peers. After some time with her date, Riley, she discovers that going was a huge mistake.



Logline: Dr. Conrad Robertson is a brilliant experimental research oncologist with a seemingly perfect life...a beautiful wife, Mackenzie, a loving daughter, Avery, & a loyal best friend, Senator Jackson Whitley. Just as Conrad's on the cusp of presenting his revolutionary vaccine to the FDA for approval that could literally cure cancer & save millions, he wakes in a psych ward.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

SCI-FI / Supernatural Films + Q&A

Good Morning

Good Morning Poster.jpg

Logline: A normal morning in the life of a happy family circa 2084.

Batman Beyond: Year One

Batman Beyond Year One Poster.jpg

Logline: Witness the rise of a new Batman. Under the supervision of a now-retired Bruce Wayne, high schooler Terry McGinnis balances crime fighting and budding relationships in a futuristic Neo Gotham.

La Bruja

La Bruja Poster.jpg

Logline: On the night of his eighth birthday, Pablito mourns the loss of his Amá. But when his Abuela tells him a fairytale about the mystical Bruja Del Mar, he finds unexpected parallels between his own life and her story. Amidst the tale, immigration agents raid his neighborhood, endangering Pablito and Abuela.

Two Breaths

Two Breaths Poster.jpg

Logline: After a man-made disaster decimates an evergreen island, a stranded 11-year-old Ava must find the tenacity to leave behind her home with the help of an unlikely friend – the majestic Manta Ray called Two Breaths.

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Feature Film + Q&A



Logline: One mysterious night, actress Vada Pierce abruptly awakens from out of her bathtub, not knowing how and why she got there. She quickly discovers that her home has been ransacked and that her husband has gone missing. Only every time Vada tries to leave, she suddenly gets looped back into the bathtub. Desperately wanting to find the love of her life, she unwillingly gets visited by two uninvited guests with deadly consequences. It’s a race against time and Vada must decide which one of her visitors is truly trying to help her escape… or is she just putting on the performance of a lifetime.

9:00pm - 11:30pm

Feature Film + Q&A

A Girl Upstairs


Logline: A successful but isolated artist, struggling with agoraphobia, has her life turned upside down when one of her works of art comes to life. At first, she joyfully accepts this reprieve from her self-imposed exile, but her new friends are not all they seem, and her small world starts to come apart as her fear of the outside comes into conflict with her new creations and their need for freedom.

schedule subject to change

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