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10:00am - 11:00am


The Gloomy Veracity of Separation


Logline: A short silent film, expressing a man experiencing the aftermath of the separation of a passionate, volatile and emotional relationship through visuals and memories.

Review: “One of the coolest silent short films I’ve seen. Romantic, melancholic, poetic and artistic. I loved watching this. A really cute film full of lighthearted pure emotion.”

School: Crossroads School For Arts and Sciences


unnamed (2).jpg

Logline: After responding to a routine call, a small-town Sheriff must make a death notification to the last person he'd ever want to see.


Review: “Excellent production value & direction! Cinematography was amazing. It looked like I was watching a Prime-Time Broadcast Network Television series. ”

School: UCLA Film Grad School

can’t talk, a movie’s on


Logline: A young woman thinks that nothing is real, and it turns out she's right. Somebody's watching her—but who?


Review: “This is a fascinating film. But you know, I dig Kafkaesque stuff like this.... Explores some interesting questions without feeling the obligation to answer them. Feels familiar, yet strange.”

School: Cornell University, PhD program

Father Time

unnamed (1).jpg

Logline: Casey and her father share a love for science fiction; a love for time travel in particular. Her father is a scientist and engineer after all. After his untimely death, Casey decides to follow in his footsteps and try to build a time machine to reverse history and save her loving father's life. Unfortunately, it does not go quite as planned.

School: American Film Institute, MFA



Logline: During the Israeli Occupation of Palestine in 1948, Ahmad, a 17-year-old Palestinian boy, faces the consequences of the war in his hometown that forces him to give up his dream of being a professional football player.


Review: “Terrific filmmaking.”


School: George Mason University



Logline: Suffering from an injury that she can't explain, a woman seeks the aid of a preacher who claims he has the power to heal her.


Review: “Quite good on all levels. Pacing and structure were perfect for the genre, and it is just the right length for the story. Performances were all quite good.”

School: Belmont University

11:00am - 12:30pm


We Want The Airwaves


Logline: A feature length documentary chronicling the making of the ground breaking docuseries Manifesto!


Review: “An amazing journey of some creative and courageous filmmakers--a must-see in every film school--It's inspiring--and exasperating--I was on the edge of my seat during the entire presentation--and I think that the festival viewers will feel the same way-"

12:30pm - 2:00pm


Manzanar (Yuki)


Logline: Animation and still photos from the Library of Congress, paying tribute to a mother and daughter who were American citizens of Japanese descent who were incarcerated in WWII, as were more than 120,00 others like them.

Space Race


Logline: Two competing Astronauts race to claim the moon for themselves.


Accolade: Winner! Sedona International Film Festival / Director’s Choice Best Animated Film



Logline: Amina is living in the big city, working from home. When adult life pressures reach an all time high, her house comes alive in strange and unusual ways, forcing her to face an invisible enemy to save her work day.


Accolade: Best Animated Film–Cannes World Film Festival

Mr. Horzeman

Logline: In this horror short starring Clancy Brown (Dexter, SpongeBob SquarePants, Shawshank Redemption) tells the sardonic tale of a bizarre student teacher relationship.


Trojan Horace


Logline: A group of Greek warriors try to pass through the walls of the great city of Troy but meet their match in a clueless Trojan guardsman.



Logline: A court of animals puts a young boy on trial for not walking his dog enough during the pandemic.


Review: “The concept was fun and amusing.”



Logline: A mixed-race family relocates from Japan to the American Northwest hoping to find more stability, but only encounter casual racism and even more trouble with their teenage daughter.


Review: “Definitely a different form of art. After a while, one forgets that they're watching puppets instead of actors. The sets and props are amazing.”

Never Land

Never Land.jpg

Logline: What if Peter actually killed Captain Hook?



Logline: The story of Liv, a girl with a big ribbon, and Bell, a colorful hedgehog, who travel in the flying house with an inventor pig.


Review: “A really well-made, thought provoking, semi-silent animated short. It’s story line of searching for a beloved in a non-linear setting is reminiscent of Alex Proyas’ ‘Dark City’ (1998), but this short is mild for kids and in an animated form. Really good direction, DP & story. Coloring and art design were also wonderful.”

Message Sent

Logline: When Steven struggles to make his feelings for Liza clear, his Cellphone comes to life and encourages him to make the most important decision of his young adult life, to trust himself, and take a leap of faith.


2:00pm - 3:00pm


Uncommon Negotiator


Logline: The true story about a young pastor whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself unexpectedly entangled in a perilous hostage situation. Only by bravely appealing to the soul of a violent gunman will he be able to save everyone.


Review: “Terrific performances by all, this opens quickly into the story with intensity and emotion and sustains throughout until the conclusion.”

Winner Best Short Film (Int. Christian Film and Music Festival

Hour of Our Death


Logline: Meet the Little Sisters of the Poor. An international congregation of women religious offering a home to the neediest elderly of every race and religion, serving them with grace, love and dignity until they take their last breath.


Review: “A lovely and brief story that is uplifting.”



Logline: A single mother's battle with addiction and the lasting effect it has on her and her son. - (Based on a true story.)


Review: “Wow, the little boy is what made the film. Such great acting, you really felt him and his world.... Very moving, relatable to everyone, inspiring.”

The Connection


Logline: A man who's just experienced a terrible loss strikes up a conversation with a chatty stranger in a church garden-and finds comfort when he most needs it. Adapted from the short play ABE by Jeff Locker.

3:00pm - 4:00pm




Logline: Kicked out of the Mormon church for having sex out of wedlock, headstrong Ava drags her rigid twin sister Lavinia through the dangerous California wilderness in search of independence, identity, and their uncle, who is rumored to have found gold in a nearby town.


Review: “I really enjoyed this movie, and for Eliza to write, direct and star as 2 characters is very impressive. High quality short film. Bravo!” 

Black Creek Trail


Logline: A woman on a solo backpacking trip battles her intuition when she encounters a friendly and overly helpful hiker whom she can't seem to shake.


Review: “I'd rate this a 10+if possible, great acting, quality production value, nice coverage of both performers in the story that made it a very full film though it runs only 10 minutes-ish. This is a talented and skilled filmmaker.”

The Phoenix


Logline: After successfully acquiring superpowers, a young girl attempts to fix her parents’ marriage. In the end, she learns that superpowers can't fix everything.


Review: “A powerful message and and really well made film all around. I strongly recommend.”



Logline: Edgardo and Karina go for a hike in a park. Karina shares a secret to Edgardo and the hike takes a different turn. Epiphany is about a complicated relationship between siblings.


Review: “This was a well-made film. The actors felt genuine in their acting and it was beautifully shot.”

Birds, Bees and Threes


Logline: Julia's trusted triplet support group leader expresses the importance of teaching their children about sex by the age of eight. BIRDS,BEES, AND THREES comically follows JULIA and ANDY HUDSON and their triplet daughters as they all attempt to digest their embarrassment, shock, and confusion after “the talk.”

Dissension Within


Logline: A ballerina's internal rivalry between her dual personalities.


Review: “The ballet dancing was absolutely amazing. The facial expressions of the ballerina really told a story. Intense sound to go along with the movement. Such a sacrifice these dancers make.”



Logline: A woman trapped in an oppressive marriage tries to placate her loathsome husband while ordering steaks online as a gift for their friends. Finally reaching her breaking point, the woman hatches a plan to kill two birds with one stone.


Review: “...well made, well performed and well written.”

4:00pm - 5:00pm


Celebritas Ex Machina


Logline: Rosa makes robots. Living within the robots’ cold metal bodies are the souls and personalities of her favorite fictional characters from the worlds of film and television. Rosa believes this perfect life can continue forever, some of the robots have other ideas. The short features some cameos.


Review: “Great work, very original, great robot work & special effects. Acting and directing was all done very well.”

Worm Radio

Logline: The story of how Ellie Miller got to space.


Review: “Very fun, very creative sci-fi adventure. And a little lesson about the power of a promise.”




Logline: The film follows a 14-year-old boy named Sam (Jonah Beres) who is being bullied in between his school’s surreal active shooter drills. Amidst pressure to “hit back” and his closest friend abandoning him, he discovers superpowers that may offer a different solution.


Review: "Audiences will recognize Beres from his role in Hulu’s cult hit comedy “Pen15.” Funnyman Paul Scheer takes a turn from his usual comedy fare, playing a cop overseeing a routine active shooter drill in a powerful opening scene. Such drills have become an accepted reality for America’s kids, and Merrifield brings home the obvious but nonetheless controversial connection between onscreen and real life violence."

Orbital Christmas

unnamed (3).jpg

Logline: The story begins in the near future, when Ali, an Indian Muslim astronaut, is spending his Christmas alone in a space station during Christmas, as the rest of the crew are on Earth for the holidays. Eventually, a rather unusual cargo arrives in the station, in the form of a Japanese girl, who picked up an unmanned cargo ship from the Moon where she lives, in order to go to Earth and meet her father.

6:00pm - 7:30pm


The Curse of Stone Hill


Logline: When a young girl, Lauren Foley, turns eighteen, she has her adoption records opened in search of her birth mother. Her quest leads her to an old haunted estate where her mother grew up and was last seen. The caretaker Edward Barnes (played by Michael Paré), holds the key to her mother and the houses' dark secret.


Review: “Wow! Well done. LOVE the location and set decoration. Good acting, directing, and cinematography. OMG, amazing sound/music.”



Logline: Mark, an immature city boy, takes his girlfriend Nicole on a camping trip with his sassy sister Ashley and his level-headed best friend Conner, who has recently returned from a tour as an Army doctor. When he witnesses a tender moment between Conner and Nicole, Mark's jealousy slowly turns into paranoia as they pack up and return home. The world around them turns into a dangerous frightening place as Mark begins to change with the world around him. As all of Mark's companions slowly perish one by one, he realizes he is to blame for his own downfall. Now alone, Mark reflects on his life and the choices that led him to this moment.



Logline: Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue-unaware of the horror awaiting them.


Review: “This film scores high on pretty much every level.”

Follow Me, Please


Logline: Sean, a struggling photographer, is consumed by comparison anxiety while living in the shadow of his influencer roommate.


Review: “Really fun watch. Says something about obsession with social media and what it might do to those seeking social media fame, but does so without being preachy. Just tells a good story.”

The Smart Sitter

unnamed (4).jpg

Logline: A dark comedy about Greg Vogel, a couch surfing stoner type who cat sits for his friend who has a smart home and ends up getting killed by the Alexa virtual assistant.


Review: “Very funny film, and perhaps a cautionary tale about too much technology... :) Well done and enjoyable [horror] comedy.”

Be Mine


Logline: A romantic evening takes an unexpected turn when a terrible secret is revealed.


Review: “An overall example of solid filmmaking having good DP, direction, writing, performances.”



Logline: Two misfit mobsters set out to bury a body, only to find her not quite dead yet.

7:30pm - 9:30pm




Logline: The story is thriller about a young man who feels a deep connection with nature and the local wildlife where he lives. So it comes as no surprise that he turns his passion into his profession: animal guide.


Review: “An extremely powerful movie--proof that non-name actors can perform as beautifully as A-listers--Across the board, every role was executed with great nuance.”

9:30pm - 11:00pm


The Day I Found A Girl In The Trash


Logline: Poland, 30 December 2028. A totalitarian country with its own laws, built on the backs of slaves and the slave economy. The prisoners are stripped of their identity by Vaxina substance that is dissolved in their bodies. This substance entirely suppresses the senses and completely resets human memory. Blue, who managed to escape from prison by chance, begins to regain her senses and rediscovers a world of sensations.


Review: “Amazing futuristic film. Wow. Great acting. Overall production value, excellent. Very imaginative concept. Good pace.”

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