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The 2022 Burbank International Film Festival Live at the AMC 16 Theatres (September 8th-11th)

AMC 16 Theatres

The fourteenth annual Burbank International Film Festival takes place September 8th-11th screening over 180 films from around the world in over 25 countries.

Burbank, California is the Media Capital of the World, and it's here that Hollywood filmmaking first began. The Burbank International Film Festival's primary mission is to maintain that enduring creative spirit and promote up-and-coming artists by opening a gateway to expand their careers in the center of the entertainment industry. We're committed to providing a unique filmmaker & film festival experience few can offer.

In that mission, BIFF attracts and welcomes Film Distributors looking for motion pictures to market and sell throughout the world. Distributors need films for theatrical, DVD, VOD, internet streaming and other online worldwide distribution platforms. We pride ourselves on being able to put festival filmmakers in direct contact with distributors looking for fresh content and have successfully secured distribution deals for many of the festival films.

BIFF also honors Industry Icons in the world of film, music and art. They have included Actor Beau Bridges (THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS); Writer/Director Shane Black (IRON MAN 3); Writer/Director Garry Marshall (PRETTY WOMAN); Award-Winning Actor John Savage (DEER HUNTER); Academy Award-winning Make-up Artist Stan Winston (TERMINATOR 2 & 3); Creature and Concept Designer Neville Page (AVATAR); Academy Award-winning Animation Directors Brenda Chapman (BRAVE) and Jennifer Yuh Nelson (KUNG FU PANDA 2 & 3); Award-Winning Composer Marco Beltrami (A QUIET PLACE, WORLD WAR Z); and Screenwriters Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandell (A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN) to name a few.

Burbank comprises the world's best studios and production houses which include Warner Brothers, Disney, The Burbank Studios, Universal Pictures, ABC, NBC, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network among others. The Burbank International Film Festival captures its home city's rich history and movie making magic by showcasing original cinematic art from around the globe. BIFF also continues to introduce new award categories to keep its festival at the forefront of the industry.

The fourteenth annual Burbank International Film Festival begins with an Opening Night Ceremony, Featured films and Gala Reception. The four-day festival includes film screenings, Q&A's featuring celebrities and industry professionals, red carpet receptions, parties and special events that will culminate with the Closing Night Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on the final day. We shine a light on the unknown artist of today, helping them become the celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow.

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