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February Newsletter 2023

February Newsletter

Save The Date!

The Burbank International Film Festival will host its 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Fundraiser Gala on Saturday, May 6, 2023 at Elizabeth Taylor's former Beverly Hills Estate.

Special Memories

Wonderful winners of our 2022 Festival Edition!

How to Write A Romantic Comedy Screenplay

It's almost Valentine's Day! Romantic comedies are some of the most popular films; everyone has a soft spot for joyful movies with happy endings. Learn more about rom-coms, and get tips on how to write one of your own.


  • Give the main character a reason to find love.

  • Introduce a love interest early on.

  • Give the main character a best friend or a sidekick.

  • Lean into the romance.

  • Make sure the main character stays true to themselves in the end.

New Romantic Movies

We made a list of extraordinary modern-day love stories that you can watch from home.

Marry Me (2022)

Your Place or Mine (02/10/2023)

Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Bros (2022)

Favourite romantic films of all time!

We asked our @burbankfilmfest Instagram followers to pick their favourite films to watch this Valentine's Day. These are the most popular love stories. Let us know your top choice!


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Photos from the screenings, premieres, parties and special events of the Burbank International Film Festival.

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