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Friday Sept. 27th, 2024
Theater #11

6:00pm - 7:00pm

High School & College Student Films + Q&A

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached Poster.jpg

Logline: In a world where social connections are represented with a physical red string, a young woman struggling with social anxiety forms an unlikely friendship with a wise nine year old. 



Logline: Beckoned by her grandmother's mystical old journal after her passing, seventeen-year-old Mmiri is drawn into the world of Mami Wata, an ancient Nigerian siren-like spirit.

Mahal Kita

Mahal Kita Poster.jpg

Logline: A girl learns about Traditional Filipino courting to help save her crush from leaving her.


BREATHE Poster.png

Logline: A dancer diagnosed with scoliosis grows anxious and hopeless for the future as she battles with wearing her back brace in order to avoid surgery.

The Translator

The Translator Poster.jpg

Logline: In WW2, a small group of U.S Soldiers find and capture a group of nazis. While waiting for backup, Bailey sparks a conversation with the enemy translator. They learn they have more in common than they thought, but when things get ugly, Bailey has to decide to do the right thing or not.

Beethoven Vs The Bird

Beethoven Vs The Bird Poster.jpg

Logline: Made entirely by one 16 year old, this Looney-Tunes-style 3D animation is about the great classical composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven, who has to fight a crazy bird for the copyright to his 5th Symphony.

Dawn to Dusk: Oahu's Rhythm

Dawn to Dusk Oahu's Rhythm Poster.jpg

Logline: From a mama & baby humpback whale pair; famous North Shore surfing; and Honolulu's city traffic, Dawn to Dusk: Oahu's Rhythm utilizes stunning drone footage to create a visual documentary that showcases the vastly diverse landscapes of Oahu with beautiful, sweeping shots and a soothing yet engaging score.

Kaine Interception

Kaine Interception Poster.jpg

Logline: Secret agent Kaine is back in action with his new partner April as he has to intercept a jewel deal before it can happen.

Hands Behind the Door

Hands Behind the Door Poster.jpg

Logline: Entering Modern Heights Apartments, Millie re-lives a sinister past when she encounters neighboring Dean in this homage to Jonathan Demme.

Ready Hit!

Ready Hit! Poster.jpg

Logline: A documentary on the Providence High School Cheerleading Team in Burbank, California.

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Feature Film + Q&A

Bau, Artist at War


Logline: "Bau, Artist at War" is based on the true story of Joseph and Rebecca Bau, whose wedding took place in the Plaszow concentration camp during WWII, an event immortalized in Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. This film is a war drama, love story, and espionage tale that needs to be told in this era where survivors are dying, and the Holocaust is slipping from memory. Using his artistic skills and his sense of humor in the camps, Joseph stays alive and helps hundreds to escape. Miraculously, he finds love in the midst of despair—a love that will last a lifetime. Years later, when called to be a key witness in the trial of the brutal Nazi officer who tortured him and killed his father, he is thrust back into vivid memories of the Holocaust and calls upon this love and resilience of spirit to face the ultimate demon of his past.

10:00pm - 11:00pm

Animation Films #2 + Q&A

A Robot Rom Com

A Robot Rom Com Poster.jpg

Logline: A romantic comedy about a pair of robots who learn that love isn’t easy even if you can download it directly into your CPU.

Adventures With The Caretaker

Adventures With The Caretaker Poster.jpg

Logline: A man has a secret job taking care of creatures like Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, and The Abominable Snowman.

ALCEST - L'Envol


Logline: Official Music Video for Alcest's new single "L'Envol". From the album "Les Chants de l'Aurore", via Nuclear Blast Records.


In this music video, a solitary character reminisces about their youth among mythical birds. Alternating between the past and the present, the character revisits their memories throughout the night. The film unveils a harmonious fusion of music and an aesthetic with Art Nouveau and symbolist undertones, inspired by the golden age of illustration.


This short film combines a time-lapse shot taken during the summer solstice, composed of individually edited photographs with a pictorial aspect, along with traditional 2D animation.

schedule subject to change

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