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7:00pm - 9:00pm  Opening Night


Re-Opening: A Lockdown Mockumentary


Logline: RE-OPENING is a fully improvised lockdown mockumentary following the cast and crew of a struggling theater (All Voice IS Theater) in Pigeon Valley, Tennessee. They attempt to prepare the theater to reopen to the public after months of lockdown, encountering setbacks along the way.


Review: “A truly delightful mockumentary--I found myself getting emotionally involved with the players and the plot--and was moved by the closing scenes.”

9:00pm - 10:30pm


Other Plans


Logline: A happily single woman falls hard for a recently widowed dad and struggles to win over his young daughter. Fortunately she has an expert as her guide, his late wife.

The Rental Agency


Logline: After a man dies, his body is examined to see if it can be restored.

White Now Please


Logline: WHITE NOW PLEASE is a comedic short film about a 12-year-old Asian American boy named Bryan Chen who wants to be a hero, so he tries to become the thing he knows all heroes are... White. Because in this world, “race exchanges” are possible, and we witness his journey to see if he actually goes through the process of “white-ifying” himself or if he remains the un-hero-like kid he believes he is.


Review: Great film with a significant message: "Just be yourself and you can be anything you want to be." Actors' performances are strong. Direction & production value make it look like an authentic streamer TV movie.

It’s What She Would Have Wanted


Logline: Maggie welcomes four of her oldest friends back home after the unexpected death of one of their own. She convinces them to fulfill a childhood pact - destroy all evidence of their friend’s most embarrassing secrets. Their plan proves less than fool proof when long-buried resentments begin to rise, and the group realizes Maggie is dealing with more than the loss of a friend.


Review: “Loved this film! High production value and excellent performances. The writing is witty and funny and heartfelt and vibrant.”

The Switcheroo


Logline: Dating is hard, but everything's easier with a clone!


Review: “Fun concept, actors delivered believable performances. Nice conflict and good writing.”

Later Daters


Logline: A widower decides to re-enter the dating world only to discover he's in way over his head.


Review: “Great concept & title, funny & lovely performances.”

White Elephant


Logline: White Elephant is a dark comedy short film about a Christmas Eve gift exchange party on Big Bear Mountain. Everything is going well until an uninvited guest begins stirring up trouble.


Review: “This film is a success on so many points with its originality, comedic writing & talents’ performances, replete with references to a David Fincher film. Everything was excellent in this film!”

El Rey


Logline: An unfamiliar smell on Gustavo's shirt causes his wife Lupe to grow suspicious. Then when he arrives home late that night for dinner her fears are all but confirmed: he is a lying rat! Lupe tells God that night that it would be easier if Gustavo was a rat...


Review: “Very creative and cute. Great location and props. A lot of attention paid to details with set deck, props, and wardrobe. Good acting. Overall, enjoyable film to watch.”



Logline: A short film about living with yourself.

10:30pm - 11:30pm


Chaos Theory


Logline: Danny has a drug problem, he knows that. He thinks his parents know when they sit him down talk. Between them sits his best friend Kyle. This isn't an intervention, it's something far worse. The film Jeff Goldblum does NOT want you to see!


Review: “Disturbingly good. Great location. Good directing. Good pace. Good acting.”



Logline: After the sudden death of a tenant, an inept L.A. property manager accidentally creates a competition by scheduling two couples to view the newly-available apartment at the same time, while his cleaning lady frantically tries to wipe away evidence of the dead body.

Review: “This would make a great sitcom concept.”

The Poet


Logline: A young man has written a three-line poem: "I burned the toast. I'll eat it anyway. It's better than staring at the wall." He believes the poem has great beauty and existential significance. There are many reasons he believes this. And he's going to explain them. All of them. For a really long time.

Review: “A film that isn't about what it's about. Well done.”


Corners Poster.jpeg

Logline: The government has implemented mandatory corner inspections for buildings classified as C- 404’s, where civilians go; grocery stores, malls, furniture stores. Rory Hurthing is a dedicated, and passionate, corner inspector. His meticulous attention to detail drives his clients insane, especially furniture store manager Nanci Haloom.


Review: “Quirky and original comedy idea. Great comedic performances - especially from Michael D. Cohen, reminiscent of Danny DeVito!”



Logline: Gabriela and Neil celebrate their anniversary with a brand-new kink: BDSM. What was meant to be a fun and sexy night goes awry when Neil, the sub, is ordered to divulge the greatest secret of all: the password to his phone.


Review: “Cute, comedic relationship story shot on 35mm! Modern & interesting originality/creativity. Direction is proficient. Photographed with bright colors that contrast the role-play but keep it light and appealing. Structure keeps us guessing.”

Don’t Feed The Birds

CBS_Showcase2022_GFX_BirdsFullPosterv5_170522_LV (1).jpg

Logline: When a man runs out of bread while feeding the birds, he makes an enemy for life.


Review: “I laughed right when it started. This director has a great sense of humor. It’s a unique, silly concept. It was quick and easy to watch. The production value was great.”

Moida She Dunnit


Logline: A dame in the big city, who's just looking for equality.


Review: “It deserves praise for originality and concept."

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