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Welcome to the Burbank International Film Festival’s Vimeo Channel.


Official BIFF selections will be available to watch online from Sept. 21st - Sept. 24th.


Sign up for a free 30-day trial period and watch all the movies on the channel. If you cancel your subscription before 30 days, you will not have to pay the $7.99 when it renews automatically after 30 days.

King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones


Logline: A filmmaker searches for the truth about her grandfather Edward Jones, a charismatic African American who rose to the heights of financial and political prominence in Depression-era Chicago.
 In shaping the destiny of a city, Ed Jones could not however escape discrimination. In conflict with both the mob and the Feds, he was forced into a life on the run.

Exploring the rise and fall of the most famous ‘Policy King’ of all times, the filmmaker uncovers an unparalleled story, while showing the lasting repercussions of his untold story, both within her family, and for Chicago’s South Side where he once embodied the American dream.

Love, success, violence, revenge, mafia, murder, betrayal, prison, kidnapping... Edward Jones’ story holds all the best ingredients of gangster movies. Add segregation and you have a very explosive cocktail!

Industry titans Quincy Jones and Debbie Allen have teamed up as executive producers to tell 60 years of an American story through the eyes of one family who almost had it all.

Something Good Coming


Logline: Two grocery store workers from different districts meet and end up spending time with each other after the store they're assigned to open in another town shuts down unexpectedly. Over the course of a weekend, they grow close and let each other in on one another’s hopes and dreams...and deepest secrets.

Christine's Wager


Logline: Christine is counting down the days to graduation so she can escape her demanding family but her plan is sidetracked after her mother’s stroke and some unlikely encounters. As Christine retreats further into herself, her conscience brings her to a breaking point and forces a choice.

The Namessime


Logline: Xavie, an idealistic filmmaker, takes an enthusiastic motley film crew and two experienced actors in a country house, to shoot a film without a script, following chance, as A. Einstein understood it: "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous".

Babel Syndrome

Babel Syndrome_Poster_Fin_ENG_230822.png

Logline: After a pandemic swept across the Korean peninsula, people were left speechless. The virus had invaded people's brains and paralyzed the part of the brain responsible for language. A cure was developed to save the world in silence, but not without a catch--the cost is extremely high.

While the rich who can afford a level 1, 2, or 3 antibody can speak not only fluent Korean, but foreign languages and even ancient languages and the latest slangs, the poor who can barely afford a level 8, 9, or even 10 antibody can only speak the most basic words necessary for daily life.

Haneul, a young man of level 7 who lives the ordinary life of a poor young man, receives a text message from Yeonhee, a girl of level 1 for whom he has been hiding his feelings for a long time. Yeonhee is in Korea after studying abroad and wants to meet up with Haneul.

For better or worse, Haneul makes a decision. He is determined to confess his feelings to Yeonhee, feelings he could not express ten years ago even when words were free, in a world where it costs a lot to express them. He spends his ten years of savings to become a level 3 for a short time so he can tell Yeonhee, "I love you."

The First Glance

The First Glance_poster.jpg

Logline: A year ago, Jina lost her fiancé in an accident. She knew it was a young girl who killed him, but she tried to forget the past. However, on the day she meets her old students who tore her up inside, Yunjae walks past Jina's apartment where the accident happened. Yunjae, who should be in prison, is smiling. Jina cannot control her anger and follows after Yunjae.

Jina follows Yunjae as she hops on a bus that pulls over at a rest area. On a whim, Jina steals Yunjae's bag. However, Yunjae does not even bat an eye and accepts Jina's offer to give her a ride. Jina begins to drive across the icy road with the girl she wants to kill sitting next to her.

The more they talk, the stranger Yunjae acts as though she is on edge and angry. Accompanied by Yunjae, who seems to be slowly grasping the situation, Yunjae continues driving. As they get closer to their destination, the mood in the car becomes more and more perilous.

Lost Cos


Logline: Haunted by her tortured childhood and the violent loss of the great love of her life, troubled dental assistant Eni finds escape in Los Cos, a mysterious underground club where cosplay and burlesque intertwine and heroes and villains blur the line between fantasy and reality. But when a cosplayer dressed as “Merman” shows up dead on a New Jersey beach and a mysterious stalker gets up in her DMs, Eni must confront the traumas that have shaped her life and transform herself into an altogether more formidable force.


Logline: A filmed live play written by Steve Yockey. In this haunting dark comedy, Yockey propels us into a mysterious and terrifying world where the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. Reykjavík’s characters explore the human condition in bizarre stories of love, lust, death and 13 clairvoyant ravens.

Midnight Zero


Logline: A masked hero watches the broken streets from the shadows, tracking a criminal organisation who are kidnapping children.

Joe's Encyclopedia

Poster - JOE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA - konishi haraoffice.jpg

Logline: “Too much and too little at the same time ... What’s the use of knowing things?” One day, an extraordinary man makes a visit, selling a revolutionary new encyclopedia. Can he change a life in the time he is there?

Quest for Sleep


Logline: The Quest for Sleep is a documentary that follows the lives of real people who struggle with insomnia. Join them on their journey as they find hope through scientific insights that illuminate the. relationship between sleep, our brains and our bodies.

Ball for All


Logline: Refusing to allow his Cerebral Palsy diagnosis to diminish his competitive nature and desire to play sports, Nick Weiss paved his own path: ultimately inspiring youth to do the same. This is his story.

The Girl Next Door

Girl Next

Logline: "I wrote this film to help other teenagers who are struggling with their self confidence and sexual identity."



Logline: Gianni, an eccentric Italian-American, is forced to hide out in a luxurious villa on Lake Como, Italy. He hosts a card game in the villa with a group of suspicious personalities and his old apprentice, Tim. The game turns sour when it is interrupted by an Interpol raid. However, neither the officers nor Gianni and his friends are what they seem.


The director (Nicolo Pozzali) is 21 years old.

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