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2021 Award Winners
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2021 Award Winners

Best Comedy Short

Good Head

Best Documentary Feature

Passage To Sweden

Best Documentary Short


Best Drama Short

The Climbing Perch

Best Animated Short

Falafel Cart

Best Faith-Based Short

Dirty Laundry

Best Short Film by

Women -McCrorey Rd

Best Foreign Language Feature

Million Loves In Me

Best Foreign Language Short

Synthetic Love

Best Horror/Thriller Short

Household Demons

LA County Student Filmmakers

The Shoes

Best New Media

The Bay

Best Science Fiction, Fantasy Short

Sweet Nothings

Best Original Screenplay

Seraphim’s Miracle

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Coming of Enkidu

Best Student Film


Best Short Film Score/Musical Composition


Best Feature Film Score/Musical Composition

The Secret of Sinchanee

Best LGBTQ Short Film

The Forgotten Place

Best LGBTQ Feature Film

My Fiona

Best Faith-Based Feature Film

Rekindling Christmas

Best Faith-Based Short Film

The Ring Light

Horror/Thriller Feature

This Games Called Murder

Best Television Pilot

99 Problems

Best Televison Pilot Script

Creature, PI

President’s Innovation Award – Acting

The First Six Lessons

Films Made From Home

The Ring Light