Feature Documentaries

“Walk On”, “Robert Taillibert, Timles Architecture”, ” Go Public”, “Purple Hearts”,
“What if  Cannibus Cured Cancer”, “Bible Storyland”

Short Documentaries

“Jujitsing Reality”, “My Second Mother”, “Spirit First”, “Internal Visions of Art”, “Do Not Duplicate”

Adapted Screenplays

“The Seizure”, “Lifetime Loser”, “Hobby & Fitz”, “A Tramp Abroad”, “The Floating Princess”

Original Screenplays

“Book of Toth”, “She was left Alone”, “Dangerous Curves”, “The Snakeman”, “Breed of Crows”, “Hard Promises”, “Human Terrain”, “Grace”, “The Riverview”, “Standard Upgrade”, “Arc of Eloides”, “Hands”, “Dead Peasants”, “Knights of the Road”, “The Retirement Plan”, “Roadside Crosses”

Student Films

“Upside Down”, “Hear Me Roar”,  “Akhirah: The Day of Judgement”, “Luminoso”, “Disorder”, “Slender”, “The Catcher”

Los Angeles County Student Filmmakers Award

“Palled in Elm”, “You Are Special”, “Being”, “My Second Mother”, “Ingrained”

Animated Short

“Wings of Time”, “Tailed”, “Atlos Eon”, “Boss man”, “The Ent & The Troll”, “Day Shift”, “Fatal Vittles”,  “Hu’s Game”

Foreign Feature Film

“Lessons in Forgetting”, “Los Traficantes”, “Rest Area”

Comedy Feature Film

“Chasing Taste”, “Go with Le Flo”, “Matt’s Chance”

Foreign (International) Short

“Promoteo”, “Gods Got His Head in the Clouds”, “Homemade”, “Sweet Love”, “Soundtrack”

Comedy Short Films

“Insincerely Sincere”, “Zombiewood”, “Fairar Days”, “The Code”, “Shoshana
Loenstein Baker: Law Guru to the stars, “Driving Tinseltown”

Films by Women

“Ghost Exchange”, “The Gun, The Cake & The Butterfly”, “Winter”

Faith Based-Films

“One on One”, “Static”, “How I Met My Father”, “Breaking”, “Revelations”

Horror Short Films

“Dead Memories”, “Vengeance Rhythm”, “Metamorphosis”, “Through the Woods”, “Dead Kansas”

Science Fiction Short Films

“Supervised”, “Price of Powers”, “Cough”

Horror/Thriller Feature Films

“A House Is Not A Home”, “Chink”, ‘a fish story’

Thriller Short Films

“Black Angel”, “The American Failure”, “Incident on Highway 73”, “Inverse”, “Drone”, “Enemies”

Dramatic Short Films

 “Imagine”, “An Engagement”, “Plan B”, Elegy for a Revolution”, Skeleton Canyon”, “A Letter from Dad”, “Soundtrack”, “Lady Bug”

New Media

“Heavenly Help”, “On Begley Street”, “UnREALity”, “Boots”, “Space Turkey”, “Chasing the Green”

Best Actor

Gerald Webb – “A House is Not a Home”, Scott Wolf – “Imagine”,  Eddie McClintock – “A Fish Story”, Nick Searcy – “Metamorphosis”, Mackenzie Astin – “Hell & Mr. Fudge”,  Dove Meir  – “Boots”, Jason Tobin – “Chink”, John Paul – “Los Traficantes”

Best Actress

Patricia Bethune – “Metamorphosis”, Jayne Heitmeyer – “A Fish Story”, Diahnna Nicole Baxter – “A House Is Not A Home”, Elizabeth Schmidt – “Incident on Highway 73”,  Catherine Annette – “Fairar Days”, Alix Angelis – “An Engagement”, Keri Lynn Pratt – “Hell & Mr. Fudge”