Feature Documentaries

“American Songwriter”, “Greedy, Lying, Bastards”, “Nimby Comes Home”, “The First 70”,
“Loveless: An American Legend”

Short Documentaries

“Among Giants”, “Hold My Hand”, “Healing Kindness”, “Oscar”, A Soulton Soul”

Adapted Screenplays

“Betrayed”, “The Birds”, “The Legend of the Dark Canyon”, “The Legend of McCoy Mountain”, “What Thou Lovest Well”, “Halfway Home”,
“The Last Earth Girl in Space to Find God”, “Suburban Legend”, “The Ruins of Oz”, “This Modern Man is Beat”

Original Screenplays

“The Sleeping House”, “Neo Slavery”, “Ole”, “Jack and Annie’s Co List”, “Bump”

Music Videos

“Who I Am”, “Esperando El Momento”, “Hard To Please”, “Space Tree“

Student Films

“Circle Circle Dot Dot”, “Dad”, “Impetuous”, “Rebel”, “106”, “First and Last”

Animated Short

“The Pod”, “Live Outside the Box”, “Beaver Creek: Episode 7”, “Gotcha”, “Elevator”, “My Little Friend”,
“Evy in the New World”, “Devils, Angels & Dating”, ”Pasteurized”

Foreign (International) Feature

“Cosmonautica”, “Ecstasy”, “The Golden Time”

Foreign (International) Short

“I Am Neda”, “La Casa De Chayo”, “Colors Under a Cloud”, “The End”, “Carousel”


“Levi’s Spec”, “True Power”, “Newlyweds”, Deli-licious”, “Magic Android, “Levi’s-The Rescue”,“American Giveaway”, “Rob Jones-Racecar”, “Clay Matthews – Fathead”, “Ali – Fathead”, “Progenitor Cloning”

Comedy Short Films

“Encanto Road”, “Mrs. Christmas”, “Spicy Nose”, “Interview Date”, “Camp Chapel”, “Remember Marci”, “Deerskin Lake”, “Beard Talk: The Movie”

Short Films by Women

“Losing Ferguson”, “When You Find Me”, “Neighbors”, “Play Catch”, “Cardboard”

Horror Short Films

“Derailed”, “Bad Moon Rising”, “The Curse”

Science Fiction Short Films

“The Taste of Copper”, “Gateway”, “Sketch”, “Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope, “The Sentient”, “8:31”

Comedy Shorts Contest

“Girl Parts”, “Ask Alphonso”, “Bunnies”,  “Terminator: Termination”, “Freddy”, “High Maintenance”, “Last Words”, “White House”

Comic Book / Graphic Novel competition

“Yesterday Was A Lie”, ”Infex”, “M3”, “Patrol Car 09“, “Retrowood“,
“The Inside Out King“, “The Thirty Six, Vol. 1”, “Nikolas Klon”,

Thriller Feature Films

“The Eyes of a Killer”, “Huff”, “Shiver”

Thriller Short Films

“Tracer Gun”, “Garden of Echoes”, “Disavowed”

Dramatic Feature Films

“Ecstasy”, “Things I Don’t Understand”

Dramatic Short Films

“Snow”, “American Dream”, “Masque”, “The Lion Shadows”

New Media

“King Bachelor’s Pad”, “Stark Justice”, “The Division”, “The Bomb Shelter”, “Whacked”

Best Actor

Adam Sinclair – “Ecstasy”, Louis Mandylor – “In The Eyes of a Killer”,                Scott Haze – “The Taste of Copper”, Ed Gathegi – “Neighbors”, John Jarrett – ”Shiver”, Charlie O’Connell – “Huff”

Best Actress

Kristin Kreuk – “Ecstasy”, Danielle Harris – “Shiver”, Kelli Garner – “Neighbors”, Gwendolyn Edwards – “In the Eyes of a Killer”,
Lauren Holly – “Masque”